the Orginic Waste Pickup Service for Business Firms

Take care Your Cook Only! From Food Waste Pickup to Processing and Management,
UpBox will Take Care the Rest!

While Disposing Organic Waste,
Haven’t those thoughts
raced through your mind?

  • Food Factory A
    I feel like the cost is being
    overcharged than I eye-measured!
  • Restaurant B
    Reeks from disposables and bugs
    during summer are Driving Me Nuts!
  • Hotel C
    It is such a hassle to update
    waste collection record everytime!

One-Stop Management Service
for Food Waste

Try UpBox!

  1. 01 UpBox
    Pay according to the precisely measured waste amount using the scales at the Upbox container!
  2. 02 UpBox
    We cleanse and replace containers everytime we collect. Keep your drop-off environment clean!
  3. 03 UpBox
    Real-Time Data
    Check your Waste Generation Amount in a real-time, and use APP to manage Smartly!
  4. 04 UpBox
    We solve issues during waste management in an accurate and fast manner through customer service team!
  5. 05 UpBox
    Every collected organic waste is recycled to compost, fodder, and biogas!

More than Thousands of Clients are Already
Using UpBox.

For Waste Resources Management,
UpBox Leads  
A New Standard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)